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Turlock : Random Cuts of Kindness (traveling mowers)

date: April 29, 2017
time: 7:30am kick-off, 8-11:30 project

This project is designed for those with hearts too big to work on just one lawn!  The idea is that you and a friend (or a few) load up a mower & a weed eater and drive through the community looking for lawns that need love. Knock on the door, offer free mowing, do the job, and move on to the next.  Guaranteed you'll be popular!! :-)

Volunteers for this project need to provide their own mower and truck. For safety reasons please have at least 2 per team.

Thanks for serving be sure to give us feedback on how this goes!!

Event kick-off (Stanislaus County fairgrounds, free stage area)
12-2pm Free BBQ for recipients & volunteers (fairgrounds)

This Project is Proudly Sponsored By:

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