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Turlock : For Families Living with Autism

date: April 29, 2017
time: 7:30am project; 8:30-12:00 project

We have special place in our prayers for the families who have a child or children living with autism. We are understand that those who live with autism bring incredible blessings to their families but also some difficult challenges for those who love and care for them. We want to reach out to them and show them love, compassion and kindness, and we would love the opoortunity to help make their lives just a little bit easier. If you are one of these families or if you have a friend or a neighbor who you know could use a little bit of extra love like this, please let us know! We want to reach out and love them! We want to help them in any way that we can. And this goes for anyone who might have a member of their family living with a disability. 

Please contact Ayla Dillon at (209)620-6560 for more information. Feel free to call or text!

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