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Turlock : 61) Stair Railing & Yard Clean-Up (Heavy Lifting)

date: April 29, 2017
time: 7:30am kick-off, 8-11:30 project

The sweet ladies at this residence could use a hand cleaning up and addressing a safety issue. 89yrs young, Cybil lives here with her daughter. They'll be happy with any work we can get done... the trash removal and/or the stair rail. Feel free to sign up for this project if you can do only one or the other.

It appears that someone recently attempted to install a stair railing (exterior steps leading to backyard). There are 2 upright posts affixed to the top and bottom stair but there is a lot of play at the point where the bracket connects to the concrete (the area in picture #1).

There is no top (horizontal) rail. On one of the 2 uprights, there is a housing to recieve the horizontal rail but the second upright does not have the housing.

There is a decent amount of garbage in the yard that needs to be transferred from its current location in a trailer to the Love Turlock trash truck that is making it's rounds.  This will be physical work as they have a fridge, stove, deep freeze, and other large appliances to dispose of.

Once the trash is cleared a quick mowing (or probably weed-eating is better) will finish the job.

Bring: gloves, weed-eater, sun protection, dolly (for appliance disposal), tools for the railing

Thank you!

Event kick-off (Stanislaus County fairgrounds, free stage area)
12-2pm Free BBQ for recipients & volunteers (fairgrounds)




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