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Turlock : 5) Coffee, Cookies & Conversation

date: April 29, 2017
time: 7:30am kick-off; project 9:00am-11:00am

This project will take place at Turlock Residential Assisted Living facility located at 1101 E. Tuolumne Rd. There are 38 elderly, lovely men and women who live here that are described to us as "they love to meet new people!" We are asking for volunteers to do nothing more than come to this rest home and visit with these men and women. Just talk to them, ask them who they are and find out about the adventures of their lives. If you like to bake, we need a couple volunteers who would be happy to bake cookies or brownies (feel free to bake whatever your specialty is as they love any kind of sweet treat!) and you can gather with the residents in their social room and have coffee and treats and we hope you make friends with them along the way. For a few of the residents who are unable to leave their rooms, we ask that a few volunteers be willing to go visit with these individuals in their room and bring them a cookie and a cup of coffee. In the social room after the treats have been enjoyed, these senior citizens love to play trivia games and to have you ask them "Reminisce" types of questions! You know those books or websites that have facts all about 1949 or 1962, etc.? They love to play games where you stand there and ask, "How much did a carton of eggs cost in 1962?" and everyone gets to relive the "good ol' days" together! After this game finishes up, you can host a game of wheelchair volleyball. This can be done by putting a piece of masking tape on the ground to divide the room into two sides and from where the seniors are sitting at around their tables in their wheelchairs, you can provide them with a balloon and everyone tries to keep the balloon in the air from side to side by hitting the balloon back and forth. It's a great time and super fun for all!

Event kick-off (Stanislaus County fairgrounds, free stage area)
12-2pm Free BBQ for recipients & volunteers (fairgrounds)


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