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Turlock : 27) Big Chance for a Positive Impact!

date: April 29, 2017
time: 7:30am project; 8:30-12:00 project

This is one of those projects to where if you have any type of household repair skill, you could help on this project! This nice lady is working hard to make ends meet, but she is a homeowner of a home that needs a LOTof love and we are hoping our volunteers can get even some of these jobs done!

The repairs she needs help with are the following:

• Front fencing needs to secured properly-most of existing wood in okay shape
• Front facing window –multiple holes in glass-70”x47.5”
• New door handle for front door-handle broken
• Kitchen window –middle glass section broken-25.5”x14.5”
• Downstairs bedroom –section of wood flooring missing
• Upstairs bedroom –hole in door, hole in sheet rock wall, broken window-43.5”x34.5”
• 2nd upstairs bedroom–sheet rock issue (section of wall expanding inward towards inside of room
• Upstairs bathroom(A) –broken faucet, broken hot water line to sink
• Downstairs bathroom(B) –leaky toilet
• Outside laundry area/water heater- existing porch style overhang in structurally sound, but water heater technically needs to be enclosed.  Could use existing structure to fasten plywood siding.
• Downstairs secondary entry door is out of plum and excessive heat/ac will escape out.  
• There is a non operational mini van in the backyard that they would like removed.  Sounds like transmission issue based off conversation with Alicia
• 2 locations in downstairs ceiling (C) -light fixtures used to be; exposed wires showing.  Could cap wires and install ceiling caps to cover holes/wires.
• Entry way in living room missing wood trim.  Could install 1”x2” trim around entryway. 
• Roof leaks above stairway/hallway-small section of sheet rock missing. There is old HVAC square metal ducting above missing ceiling section that I suspect is the cause of the leak.  Standing outside looking at the roof you can see where the square ducting comes out of the roof.  The ducting appears to be completely exposed.  I think water gets in through the ducting.  Would suggest sealing the opening to the ducting on the roof.  *the roof has a very steep pitch, would require an experienced person comfortable with heights.  


Materials Needed

Windows- 2 new windows, 1 window just middle section of glass needs replacing.  Rough measurements are listed above. 

LumberFive 4’x8’ sheets of OSB,  12’ of 1”x2” trim board,  two 8 foot  4”x4” posts,  14 feet of fence board to span length of bottom of fence.  2 standard doors. 

Hardware-  (A) one 20” braided water line ½” and new faucet.  (B) new wax ring and long screws to fasten toilet. 1 box 2” deck screws, 1 box ¾” nails, 1 tube silicon caulking, new door handle for front door,  (C)wire nuts and 2 ceiling caps. 3’x3’ piece of metal flashing to seal off HVAC ducting. 

Sheet Rock- two 4’x8’ pieces of sheet rock, tape and joint compound.  1 tub of patch material for holes.  

Tools Required

2-3 hammers, 1 ideally 2 drills, 1 skill saw, caulking gun, small pry bar, measuring tapes, sharpies, pens, ladder, tin snips, putty knifes, a level or square, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, crescent wrench/ channel locks,  1 can of henrys wet patch.

General Summary- It is our understanding that this individual does not have the means to pay for materials needed for this project.  She is not expecting everything to get done if we were to help her.  There are a lot of repairs and some are more involved/difficult than others.  Enclosing the water heater and laundry area, securing the front fence, replacing faucet and door handle are all things I thing could be done in 4 hours time.  Depending on the crew fixing the leak in the roof could be done as well. 




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