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San Luis Obispo : Hands Only CPR Training and Demo

leader: Jessica Otter
date: March 18, 2017
time: 9am-10pm

80% of cardiac arrest occurs at home making the chances needing to perform bystander CPR high. Chances of survival from cardiac arrest increase more than 50% when CPR is performed prior to EMS arrival.

Hands Only CPR is just as effective as traditional CPR according to AHA. Join us at Love SLO and we will teach each participant how to recognize the need, how to perform, and when to get help coming in the cardiac arrest situation. While it is important for children to be aware of the need for CPR, this procedure is for adult cardiac arrest.

Love SLO (March 18th) begins at 8:00am in the Mission Plaza. Festivities (free food, fun, etc.) begin at 8:00am and the Rally will begin around 8:45am. You will meet here before going to your project location.

 When you arrive, you'll want to find your project sign and meet your project leader. After the Rally, you will meet at your project sign and hear important instructions from your project leader before going to your project location.

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