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San Luis Obispo : Glean SLO

leader: Dylan Jones
date: March 18, 2017
time: 9am-12pm

Instructions: This project requires more steps than a usual Love SLO project. You need to click and complete the Glean SLO links below AND ALSO complete the Love SLO sign-up at the bottom of this project description (please scroll down).

We will be harvesting a to-be-determined crop in Arroyo Grande! The produce we glean this morning will be distributed to families in need through the various programs of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County.

For the event, volunteers will meet with Dylan Jones in Mission Plaza. After the rally, volunteers will caravan to the farm in Arroyo Grande to begin the harvest. Volunteers should come prepared to be working in the dirt - close toed shoes, work clothing, a hat, sunscreen and glasses to protect from sun, water, and a bag to carry any produce home with you.

**This project is weather dependent. If there is rain or a freeze we may need to cancel this opportunity.

In addition to signing up on the Love SLO website, Glean SLO has also requested that you sign up on their website as well.  Below are the three links that will help you sign up.  The first link is to sign up to be a Glean SLO volunteer, the second link is to actually sign up for the harvest, and the third is a media release for the video they will be shooting that day. You will bring the Media Release form to the event on March 18th.

Link to volunteer registration: Click Here

Link to harvest sign-up: Click Here

Link to Media Release Form: Click Here



When you sign up for the project above you get a free Love SLO t-shirt. The shirt is available to be picked up at any time from J. Carroll (113 Cross St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 / 595-1000). Go into the main lobby, tell them you signed up for Love SLO, and they'll give you your shirt. Easy as that! Otherwise we'll have your shirt at the Mission Plaza the morning of the event.

Love SLO (March 18th) begins at 8:00am in the Mission Plaza. Festivities (free food, fun, etc.) begin at 8:00am and the Rally will begin around 8:45am. You will meet here before going to your project location.

When you arrive, you'll want to find your project sign and meet your project leader. After the Rally, you will meet at your project sign and hear important instructions from your project leader before going to your project location.

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