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Ripon : Ripon High School Stadium Clean-Up

leader: Vince Hobbs
date: April 29, 2017
time: 9-12 noon

Hello, Thank You for signing up to come help us clean up the Ripon High School Stadium and surrounding areas of the High School. Just to give you an idea of what we will be working on - 

- The Fence between Ripon High and Ripon Christian: We will be trimming the ivy to fence line (Volunteers will need gloves, if you don’t have any we will have some for you.

- Behind the storage container (on the south side of the field house): There are a bunch of 2' x 12' boards & misc. that needs to be removed and stacked or, preferably, dumped into a dumpster. 

- Misc. weeding by the redwood trees, and trim trees up a little (w/ loppers) weeding of planter by the scoreboard, and any other weeds growing in places they don't belong.

- We will be placing bark and doing general cleanup at the end of Acacia near the pedestrian over crossing. If you have a wheel barrel please bring it with you. 

8:15 AM GATHERING:  Please remember to attend the rally located in front of the Ripon Community Center at 4th St. & Locust St. in downtown Ripon, before volunteering at your specific project site. You will receive instructions from your project leader prior to beginning your volunteer service.

Thank you for your willingness to give back to your community! If you have any questions, please email info.loveripon@gmail.com 


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