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Ripon : Recycle Center Clean Up

leader: Charles Fikejs
date: April 29, 2017
time: 9-12 noon

Most of us would like to see our recycle center improved. We know that our local schools benefit tremendously from this revenue getnerator and ecologically valuable city resource. 

Project Vision includes:

- Routeen cardboard and recyclable material clean up.

- Shrubury and leaf/debrie clean up.

- Transplanting iceplant on the hillside of second street that faces the recycle center.

- Spreading bark in all planter boxes

- Preping recycle canisters for fresh paint (wire brushing rust areas)

ITEMS TO BRING: (Wheel barrel, Flat head shoval, gloves, rake, gas hedge trimmer - Please write your name on any personal supplies)

*This recycle is a major city partnership that brings thousands of dollars to our local schools. Thank you for supporting this...

This will be a fun and rewarding project knowing you contributed to a very valuable resource to our public school system.

8:15 AM GATHERING:  Please remember to attend the rally located in front of the Ripon Community Center at 4th St. & Locust St. in downtown Ripon, before volunteering at your specific project site. You will receive instructions from your project leader prior to beginning your volunteer service.

Thank you for your willingness to give back to your community! If you have any questions, please email info.loveripon@gmail.com 


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