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Modesto : Sherwood Elementary School (Bronze)

leader: Karyn Garcia
date: April 8, 2017
time: 8am - 12:30pm

Our campus is the home to students in grades TK-5, which includes pre-school through 5th grade, moderate to severe, handicapped classrooms. While the TK and kindergarten students have their own play yard, all of the other students share a common play area. The playground structure can be quite congested and there is a daily traffic jam on the bars. We would like to paint arrows on the structures so that we can create a safer flow of traffic. This would remedy the constant congestion and confusion. Painting directional arrows on the actual apparatus, would be fantastic! The arrows would not have to be large, merely visual reminders to ensure a safer play time. Just like a freeway, our playground has a "rush hour". The safety arrows would be our version of Cal Trans, just lacking the orange vests of course!

Love Modesto April 8 begins at 8am on I & 10th Streets, right in front of the Gallo Center. Festivities (free food, t-shirt, fun, etc.) begin at 8am and the Rally will begin around 8:45am. You will meet here BEFORE GOING TO YOUR PROJECT LOCATION.

When you arrive, you'll want to find your project sign and meet your project leader. After the Rally, you will meet at your project sign and hear important instructions from your project leader BEFORE GOING TO YOUR PROJECT LOCATION.

Thank you for your willingness to "Love Modesto"! If you have any questions, please email contact@lovemodesto.com



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