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Manteca : Cemetery Clean-up - Janice Zacharias

leader: Janice Zacharias
date: April 8, 2017
time: 8:30am - 12 Noon

Volunteer needed to help with general grounds-keeping, including weeding, gathering and disposing of trash, emptying garbage cans, trimming around grave-markers and headstones to keep them from being covered with grass, and other small projects of a similar nature. We also have an overwhelming gopher problem, and would appreciate anyone willing to set traps. 

It would be most helpful if you could bring your own [labeled] shovel, hoe, garden trowel, or gas-powered trimmers or hedgers. We don't have enough equipment for a large group, and there are only a couple electrical outlets.

We will begin the day together at 1505 Moffat Blvd at 8:30am for registration, release form, and group photo.

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