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Lodi : Grace and Mercy Painting, Deck Rebuild and More

leader: Brad Wilson
date: April 29, 2017
time: 9:30-12:30


Grace and Mercy 
425 N Sacramento Street, Lodi
We will provide paint and brushes.  Demolition tools to bring would be cordless drills with screw heads to remove deck screws, hammers, sledge hammers, pry bars, and gloves.  Need 1 or 2 handymen/carpenters for a few simple jobs.  Some tools will be available.
1) De-construct wood deck (emphasis on demolish = minimal construction skills required).
2) Simple construction to modify the remaining deck and touch up paint. 
3) Assemble new shelving racks.

1) Miscellaneous projects to sort/organize food and clothing.
2) Miscellaneous cleaning projects in the kitchen and warehouse.

Project Leader: Brad Wilson


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