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Brea : PROJECT FULL: Landscaping Assistance for a Brea Senior's Residence

leader: Lani Gormsen
date: April 29, 2017
time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

A home of an older adult Brea resident could benefit from yard work assistance. During the year, this resident has endured health issues, limiting her current ability to conduct needed tasks to keep the yard well conserved. Though a young adult family member has made certain efforts, there are areas of the yard that still need attention.

Project areas in which additional help would be highly appreciated, range from children/family friendly tasks, to ones that may require skillful experience. Such projects include:

1. Removal of 6 small dead/dying trees (Though these trees are small in height and thin, due to the possibility of the removal being slightly more involved, we are looking for volunteers with experience in this type of work).

2. Removal of weeds that have overtaken a flower bed (Child/Family friendly).

If you would like to ask further questions, please contact Carolyn Reese at 714-990-7152.


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This project is full.