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Brea : Multiple Private Brea Residences- Cleaning, Gardening, etc.

leader: Matt Holmes
date: April 29, 2017
time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

The Love Brea team has partnered with one of our City's mobile home parks to identify residents in need of assistance with various tasks in and around their homes. All residents were able to submit requests and then were vetted. 

Multiple homes need work, including:

1. Cleaning windows inside and outside the home

2. Pulling weeds

3. Trimming and reviving various succulents in a front yard

4. Replacing damaged siding, window frames, and other wood pieces on various homes

We are looking for skilled people to assist with these tasks and possibly take on small leadership roles at individual residences. 

Please call Carolyn Reese at 714-990-7152 if you have a certain skill or trade knowledge that could assist with these projects. 


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